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Mama Tentacles
Species: Octopus
  • Probably retired
First Appearance:
  • Supposedly Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob in Krusty Towers, but they turned out to be friends.

Mama Tentacles is the Mother of Squidward Tentacles. She makes an appearance in 3 episodes, but makes a true appearance in one. Her house looks the same as Squidward's house but it is slightly different on the top of the exterior... Like bushy hair. She is voiced by Rodger Bumpass, who also voices Squidward Tentacles.


Attitude, Likes and Family

Mama Tentacles seems to like baking cookies as seen in the episode: Krusty Towers. She is a very kind lady who is very friendly although in Fools in April she was mean to Squidward. She is married to Papa Tentacles although it is presumed that he is deceased. Mama Tentacles is very angry with Squidward because of Squidward's bad attitude and behavior.


So far, Mama Tentacles has appeared in only three episodes:

Fools in April

When Squidward's starts hearing and seeing people and their voices after getting yelled at for pulling a prank on SpongeBob,
the head Mama Tentacles appears briefly and she says, "you stink! in a Male Voice. Squidward then says, "Mother?!"

Krusty Towers

Mama Tentacles makes her first actual appearance, instead of just seeing her head for a short time. Squidward commands Mr. Krabs to ask his mother as to how to make cookies like her. Mr. Krabs, with SpongeBob for help, come to her house. (coincidentally, Mama Tentacles house debuts in this episode as well.) They knock on her door wearing kidnapping clothing and hold tools, and then Mama Tentacles opens the door and screams. Afterwards, a scene occurs that makes the viewer think that Mama Tentacles is being kidnapped. it turns out that Mr. Krabs was putting his laundry in the trunk but could not get it in. Afterwards, Mama Tentacles says, "Let's go bake some cookies, boys!" It also turns out she is a very nice and kind squid.

Ghost Host

Mama Tentacles makes another very short appearance. When Squidward is being tortured by the Flying Dutchman, the Dutchman uses Mama Tentacles as a way of torture. She says Why don't you call your mother?!

Squid's Visit

She was mentioned. It is revealed that she sewed a message onto a cushion, saying,"To Squid with Love, Mama," for Squidward.


Mama Tentacles has white hair and wears a dress. She is probably in her 70's because of what she wears. She wears slippers and she is blue just like Squidward. In Fools in April, she had white hair but no wrinkles on her face. In the episode Krusty Towers, Mama Tentacles now has wrinkles, lilac hair, pink clothes, and looks more older, but also with glasses.


  • Why don't you call your mother?!
  • (Rough voice) YOU STINK!
  • Let's go bake some cookies, boys!
  • "Why don't you call me then"(in a squeaky voice)
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