List of episodes/season 13

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268b Patrick Pants

269a Sponge Ward

269b Help Wanted Again

270a Sandys Nuts

270b Spongebob Vs Patchy

271a Sponge Bot

271b glove Universe Returns

272a Tom kenny Meets Spongebob

272b Patrick Wash Squidward.

273 Squidward Gets Destroyed.

274a Sandy retires

274b Spongeboy Ahoy

275a Patrick Pants Returns

275b Squidward Trash

276a The Sponge That meet A loud.

276b spongebob Vs the rock

277a whirly brain returns

277b The twist

278a 21 Years of Squid tortures.

278b SpongeWard

279a bubblefishing

279b SquidWard Star

280a chum dump

280b treedome trouble

281a Gary Kiss A Human.

281b Freaking Sponge

282a Sponge gets Washed.

282b The Mister Sponge

283a Sponge IQ

283b wash The Sponge

284a Harold death

284b Squid Noid

285a Science Discovery

285b the movie poster

286a Texas tornado

286b Spongebob SnailPants

287a Out of Water Again

287b An new leg

288a Squidward Business

288b make the statue

289a Patrick Pants Continues

289b nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

290a Squidward Steak Restaurant

290b The Toast

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