Le Big Switch (Episode)

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Le Big Switch
Episode No.: 91b
Season: Season 5
Airdate: September 29, 2007
Previous Episode: Goo Goo Gas
Next Episode: Atlantis SquarePantis

"Le Big Switch" is an episode from Season 5.





Time Cards

  • Meanwhile At The Krusty Krab


The episode starts with SpongeBob making 2 double Krabby Patties with Coral Bits and a Diet Kelp. He then smacks his lips, making a heart, and Squidward swallows it, making him choke "on emotion." The customer happily eats his meal with no manners. Squidward steals the Krabby Patty away like an evil person, and the customer cries. SpongeBob tells Squidward that the Krusty clientele needs to be coddled and treated with respect, and SpongeBob feeds the Krabby Patty to the customer like a baby bottle. Later, Mr. Krabs tells everyone to get out of the restaurant in 3 seconds or he'll kick them out.

He then shakes everyone out of the restaurant, and announces that he has joined the chef exchange program, and SpongeBob is sent on a bus to the Fancy! restaurant. The chef from Fancy! comes to the Krusty Krab. However, the chef, Le Schnook is very cranky, ugly, selfish, and vicious even more than squidward and plankton combined! The Fancy! Restaurant Head Chef tells SpongeBob to make something else then the Krabby Patty, and SpongeBob tries carrots, potatoes, just one egg, and some brown-yellow baking food. Soon, a Krabby Patty lands into the mouth of French Head Chef, and soon SpongeBob accidentally gives Krabby Patties to the Fancy! customers.

Meanwhile, Le Schnook makes a very rotten egg sock-smell inedible pastet which is made with Shredded gold. Mr. Krabs is worried because the food is made of gold, extremely expensive gold. Mr. Schnook then is furious because he gets a plastic fork instead of silver, and the chair is really a Cardboard Figure. SpongeBob's wristwatch then rings, and it is time for him to go back to the Krusty Krab, and give the Krabby Patties back from Fancy! To the more popular restaurant he works in while all the customers and the head chef follow him . Le Schnook also steals everything away from the Krusty Krab, and demands Mr. Krabs his paycheck for his services. Also, Pearl is worried because there are burglars in Mr. Krabs house. Mr. Krabs cries saying that he made such a big mistake, and SpongeBob returns back to the Krusty Krab with lots of customers back, and at the end, fancy! ends up closed and bankrupt, le schnook is fired is given the boot (literally) and the Krusty Krab has a grand Re-Opening, but everyone eats their Krabby Patties on the ground without manners. The episode ends with Spongebob making another heart which flies into squidward.


Le Shcnook holding the Gray Cubular thing that can be neutralized By Gold, A Precious Metal.
  • When Mr. Krabs tells Plankton to not wear a disguise with his intial on it, he can't where salt either.

Due to the fact his 1st name is Sheldon.

  • This episode has aired on television four times.
  • Screaming is heard, but the people's lips are closed.
  • The chiefs Fancy! Head Chef and Mr. Le Schnook are similar to Skinner from the 2007 film Ratatouille.
  • This is the first time Pearl is in a Season #5 episode, but in this episode, she's only heard in the telephone saying: Daddy! The house is full of burglars! .
  • The second Krusty Krab Grand Reopening is held, the first in Born Again Krabs.
  • This episode aired in 2007 but was never shown again until July 19, 2009 during The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash. In fact, you can still usually see it on the To Love A Patty DVD which was released in January 2008.
  • SpongeBob is revealed to only make Krabby Patties.
  • In Nature Pants and Patty Hype, SpongeBob serves French Fries. In this episode, fries are replaced with coral bits.
  • In Just One Bite, Squidward loves Krabby Patties. In this episode, he says it has horrible taste. This is most likely because of the new writer's disregard for previously set canon.
  • The Meanwhile at the Krusty Krab time card has the same background as Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy.
  • When SpongeBob puts the Krabby Patties into one bag, then goes to the next scene, there are Krabby Patties in both bags.
  • this is one of the very rare episodes in the series
    • after Goo Goo Gas was aired, this episode became more common


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