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The Knockout-Ray

The Knockout-Ray is a ray machine built by Sandy. It just appears in the episode: Spy Buddies. When SpongeBob and Patrick want to become spies, they go to Sandy to get some spy gadgets. Sandy then shows them lots of stuff including the Knockout Ray.


SpongeBob: Hey, Sandy!
Sandy: Hey, SpongeBob, Patrick. What ya'll doing?
SpongeBob: Do you know anything about spying, Sandy?
Sandy: Well, I know you need a lot of crazy gadgets like jet-packs, laser-equipped Bermuda shorts with walkie-talkies.
Man: 10-4, good buddy. (static)
Sandy: Cameras that fit up your nose, high-powered magnifying glass, and my favorite, the knockout ray. (blasts SpongeBob and Patrick with it causes them to knockout. Then blasts them again making them wake up)
SpongeBob: Wow, Sandy, with these gadgets, Patrick and I will be great spies.
Sandy: (laughs) I wouldn't trust you two with any of this stuff.
SpongeBob: What do we do now, Patrick? (Patrick picks up the knockout ray and knocks Sandy out. Both laugh. Cut to the city where SpongeBob and Patrick are spying from the side of a building)

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