Kevin the Sea Cucumber

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Kevin with his Hardcore Pants

Kevin the Sea Cucumber is a cucumber seen in the episode of I'm Your Biggest Fanatic answering questions for the crowd of the Bi-Annual Jellyfish Convention. He is the leader of the Jellyfishing club, The Jellyspotters. He reckons SpongeBob is a nerd when his club members are mostly nerds. He has many fans including SpongeBob. Kevin always gets stung by th Jellyfish. Also he made a appearance in Fools in April when he was eating at the Krusty Krab.

He tells SpongeBob that the way to find a queen jellyfish is to stand up in a tree and yell out a call, which is "Loser". Then him and the jellyspotters go into a robot jellyfish to trick SpongeBob. But then a real King Jellyfish shows up and Kevin is scared, so SpongeBob gives the jellyfish a bubble shaped like pie and the jellyfish went away. The jellyspotters want to make SpongeBob their new leader, but he refuses.


Kevin wears brown pants which he has labels for all kinds of stuff realating to Jellyfish, on the top of his head is a yellow thing shaped as a crown, although we soon find out that it really isn 't a hat, it's part of his body. He wears black circle glasses and it quite stubby and skinny.


Kevin is avery "Up Himself" character. He thinks he is the best and he doubts people alot. Kevin is actually a scared being, because when they all were in trouble, he just curled up and said, "I want my mommy!!!". Kevin was the inventor of the very venomous Jellyfish Sting Ointment Repellent, angering the jellyfish. Kevin turned out to lie about himself, and he was really making a hoax! He usually is a target for Jellyfish to be stung.


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