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Jellyfish are one of Bikini Bottom's animals.They live in Jellyfish Fields.They first appeared in the episode "Jellyfishing".Thier tentacles could electricute a person.

As a food

Jellyfish cannot be eaten, but as a food, they create jelly.

===Jelly=== Jellyfish jelly is edible, and it could be used for a PBJ sandwich subsitute in Bikini Bottom.The jelly's color is the color of the jellyfish (No name(renamed "Friend") has blue jelly squirted on a krabby patty because he is a blue jellyfish).


  • Pink jellyfish: These are the most commonly seen jellyfish.They are seen in all episodes with "Jellyfishing" scenes in the show.
  • Green Jellyfish and Purple jellyfish: These jellyfish are only seen in "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman".
  • Blue Jellyfish: The only jellyfish on television other than "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman" is No Name/Friend.
  • Orange Jellyfish: Only seen in a console game.
  • Brown Jellyfish: Only seen in a Spongebob online game.
  • Albino Jellyfish: There is only one albino so far.
  • Red,green and bluue baby Jellyfishes: Ony seen in a compute game.

Unique Species

  • Blue Crested Blaster: A very rare blue jellyfish.
  • Speckled Squirter: A pink jellyfish which squirts jelly.
  • Two-Fisted Jumper: An orange jellyfish who hops with two fists.
  • Golden Throated Singer: A yellow jellyfish who sings.
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