It's a SpongeBob Christmas! (Episode)

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It’s a SpongeBob Christmas!
Titlecard It’s a SpongeBob Christmas!.jpg

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Episode No.: 175
Season: 8
Airdate: December 6, 2012
Previous Episode: For Here or to Go
Next Episode: Super Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up is Go!
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny
Sandy Cheeks Carolyn Lawrence
SpongeBob giving out fruitcake.

It's a SpongeBob Christmas! is an episode from Season 8.




All ten main characters, plus Patchy and Potty, appear in this episode.



Patchy's cartoon design, introduced in this episode.

SpongeBob wakes up and begins singing a Christmas Carol. All of SpongeBob’s friends are preparing for Christmas, and they join in his carol. At the Chum Bucket, Plankton is enraged that he gets a lump of coal in his stocking every year for Christmas. Karen tells him that if he hadn't been such a jerk, he just might get something for Christmas. Plankton pulls out a periodic table of elements and adds in extra one onto it, jerktonium, which is apparently capable of having the power to turn anyone into a donkey (except for SpongeBob, of course), and also serves as a trap for the citizens in Bikini Bottom. Plankton decides to lace every slice of fruitcake with Jerktonium, and give them to people to turn them into donkeys, so Santa will think Plankton isn't naughty after all and he will be able to get the Krabby Patty secret formula for Christmas.

Plankton leaves the Chum Bucket to begin giving people the fruitcakes, by dispensing these fruitcakes with his latest invention, which he refers to as the Jerkmaker 9000. SpongeBob instantly walks up and Plankton gives him a piece of fruitcake. The jerktonium, however, doesn’t affect SpongeBob anymore because he is immune to it, causing the device to malfunction, so Plankton gives him more fruitcake. SpongeBob eats all of the fruitcake, and Plankton is enraged when he realizes that nothing seems to work on SpongeBob because his plan is insufficient and a complete failure. He gives SpongeBob a key and goes back inside. SpongeBob spots some Christmas carolers and hands them each a slice of fruitcake. The fish experience the effects of jerktonium and transform into donkeys, which makes them very angry. Plankton comes out and notices that the jerktonium worked only on the residents of Bikini Bottom instead of on SpongeBob.

Downtown, every time SpongeBob begins passing out fruitcakes, the citizens transform into donkeys after making "jackasses" of themselves and begin to behave in an unacceptable matter. First, the citizens grow donkey ears and a tail. Then their heads turn furry with donkey hair, and their laughter becomes the braying of a donkey. Their hands and feet become hooves, before they lose their ability to speak (though some of the donkeys are able to talk) and are finally forced on all fours. The donkeys are rounded up by Plankton. The donkeys are inspected and those who cannot talk are stripped of their clothes if they still wear any before being put into crates, then taken back to the ferry that takes the Bikini Bottomites to the island. They are sold to salt mines, circuses, and other places for money.

Those who can still talk are kept behind until they have lost their voices or have to pull Plankton's stagecoach. It seems that the donkeys pulling the stagecoach are actually a group of citizens that used to be in Bikini Bottom before the events of the episode took place. Nevertheless, SpongeBob remains oblivious to these changes, and he continues to sing. Plankton rides through town on a unicycle, noticing the citizens wreaking havoc on the city and braying uncontrollably, and is delighted. SpongeBob passes a young boy on Santa's lap, and he gives Santa a piece of fruitcake. Santa, who has transformed into a donkey, tells the kid to get a job and buy all of the gifts himself before reminding him to start brushing his teeth. The sleigh driver escapes, causing the sleigh to fall off the cliff with a CRASH! Plankton returns to the Chum Bucket, where Karen tells him that his plan has failed completely to suffice, because of the fact that SpongeBob's heart prevents him from being infected by jerktonium. Realizing that his first plan proves insufficient yet again, Plankton is forced to unleash an evil spirit called the robotic SpongeBob onto the streets of Bikini Bottom to ruin SpongeBob’s reputation. The creature begins destroying stuff to ruin Christmas.

SpongeBob begins riding through Bikini Bottom, failing to notice that the fruitcake is contaminated with jerktonium and that everybody in town has been transformed into donkeys and are being rude and very angry with him. The next day on Christmas Eve, SpongeBob notices the townsfolk being turned into donkeys and treating each other badly. SpongeBob turns to Squidward, and he tells him to go to Sandy's house. The robotic SpongeBob walks up and begins to anger Squidward, who thinks it is SpongeBob. At Sandy’s house, Sandy, who has transformed into a donkey, is rude to SpongeBob, and she refuses to help him with his problems. SpongeBob tries to leave, but before he can do so, he accidentally trips on a rock, sending the fruitcake flying into Sandy's Christmas Magic Analyzer and causing it to malfunction, which indicates that the fruitcake has been contaminated with the unpleasant stench of jerktonium. SpongeBob tells her he got the food from Plankton, at which point she demands to know why and calls him an idiot. SpongeBob says he must be the biggest jerk in town because he ate a lot of fruitcake. However, Sandy doesn't think so and scans SpongeBob and tells him that jerktonium is the worst element of them all because his fruitcake is full of it and that everyone knows he is immune to jerktonium. Sandy uses the analyzer to reveal a formula for the antidote to cure the residents in Bikini Bottom. However, the antidote turns out to be a song which SpongeBob hums that cures Sandy.

SpongeBob shows up downtown and begins singing to rid everyone of the jerktonium and of being transformed into donkeys. After everyone is rid of the jerktonium and of being transformed into donkeys, Santa shows up and tells SpongeBob that everyone in town is on his naughty list instead of Plankton. Santa gives Plankton the secret formula, and Santa tells SpongeBob that he is in trouble for wreaking havoc in Bikini Bottom. The SpongeBob robot shows up and begins wreaking havoc, to which Santa points out that SpongeBob is doing it, except that Santa found out that it was the creature all along. The creature tries to destroy Santa, but SpongeBob destroys the creature and saves Santa. Christmas is saved and Mr. Krabs gets the formula back from Plankton, who is arrested and thrown into jail. Santa flies off and Patrick sneaks on with him in an attempt to capture him.


  • This is the second Christmas based episode. The first one was Christmas Who?.
  • This is the second episode to use stop-motion animation. The first was Truth or Square. However, this is the first full stop-motion episode.
  • This is the only SpongeBob episode to air on CBS.
  • This is the only Season 8 episode to be produced in HD.
  • SpongeBob drives a vehicle, the JerkMaker 9000, throughout the episode, albeit not a boat.
  • The song, "Don’t Be a Jerk" is featured in this episode. The song originally aired in 2009.
  • SpongeBob actually went in Sandy’s Treedome without his water helmet. Yet, he was not affected by air.
  • In one scene when Pearl ate the fruitcake and completely transformed into a donkey, the next scene shows that, in the background, Pearl is in her normal state, despite the fact that she just transformed into said ailment.
  • When SpongeBob walked away from the jerktonium-affected Sandy who was transformed into a donkey and said, "I’ll have to solve this on my own," a flagstone suddenly appeared in his path in the next frame, blocking his way.
  • The DVD version featured a Patchy the Pirate sub-plot in stop motion, making it the first episode to show Patchy and Potty not in live action.
  • There aren't any donkeys in Bikini Bottom.
  • In real life, there is no other element with a J on the periodic table.


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