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[[Imitation Krabs (Episode)|Imitation Krabs]]
[[Imitation Krabs (Episode)|Imitation Krabs]]
[[Scaredy Pants (Episode)|Scaredy Pants]]
[[Scaredy Pants (Episode)|Scaredy Pants]] (only his name is mentioned in this episode)
[[The Smoking Peanut (Episode)|The Smoking Peanut]]
[[The Smoking Peanut (Episode)|The Smoking Peanut]]

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Hans' Hand in Suds
Hans washing SpongeBob
Hans washing Tom Kenny

Hans is a person that appears in a few episodes. His hands are the only part of him visible in every single episode he appears in. It is unknown if other parts of him besides his hands will be revealed in future episodes, although he hasn't appeared in an episode in a few years. He has a big role in Suds, where he gives SpongeBob the Sponge treatment and gives him a lollipop. Hans's voice is heard in that episode, but it is unknown who voices him. Because of how his sleeve looks, he could be a sailor. He also appears in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom when the character you're playing as goes out of bounds.



Imitation Krabs

Scaredy Pants (only his name is mentioned in this episode)

The Smoking Peanut

Christmas Who?

Battle for Bikini Bottom

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