Fancy McGee

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Fancy McGee

Fancy McGee is a crab. He just appears in the episode Kracked Krabs he is a member of the Penny Pinchers. He didn't have to spend a cent on travel. He tries to win the Prize of the Penny Pinchers and beat Mr. Krabs, Endwight Keywad and Huford BargainBottom. At the end of the episode he doesn't win the prize, Mr. Krabs does.


Fancy McGee – is like every crabs - red. He has black hair and wears a green suit with a pink bow.


  • Mr. Krabs: (Gasp) Fancy McGee?!!?
    Fancy McGee: Thanks for letting me hitch your ride, Mr. Krabs! I didn't have to spend a penny on travel!
    The crabs': Oooh! (One of them says, "Snap!" and snaps his finger)
    Fancy McGee: (To SpongeBob) Better wish him luck, kid. He'll need it. (Leaves)

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