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The Two Faces of Squidward Banned in Bikini Bottom

Episode Article: SpongeHenge



Wind blows wildly

Peterson: Neptune's turned up quite a gale tonight. He must be mad about something.

Rango: NOOOOOOO!!! [cries]

Shubie: HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's silly. Everyone knows Poseidon is the ruler of the undersea. Rango: HAHAHAHAHA!!! That's Silly (Bag if goolosh blows out of fish 2's hands)

Shubie: No! My leftovers!

Peterson: NOOOOOOOO!!! (cries) Why, Dear Neptune?

(SpongeBob snores. bag of goulash breaks through the window, and lands on SpongeBob's face)

SpongeBob: Mmmm-hmmmm. Goulash. (SpongeBob opens window) HEY OUT THERE! YOU DROPPED YOUR GOOLASH! HELLOOO? Cooper Barnes: Hello. [At night at Bikini Bottom News.] Perch Perkins: Perch Perkins here. (wind makes music through SpongeBob's pores)

SpongeBob: My pores are whistling in the wind. (SpongeBob jumps outside. SpongeBob makes music, and laughs.)

(Jellyfish comes to SpongeBob.)

SpongeBob: Hahahahaha! That tickles!

(Jellyfish Buzzes To Music.)

SpongeBob: Awwww. The little critter likes my whistling pores.

(Jellyfish goes into SpongeBob's head.)

SpongeBob: (laughs uncontrollably.) THAT TICKLES! (laughs uncontrollably.)

Moon: My Shift's over.

Sun: Time for work, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: All right, Jelly, out you go. It's been a lot of fun but I gotta get to work.

(Jelly follows)

SpongeBob: Quite a wind this morning, eh Jelly. (wind blows SpongeBob away) WHOOOAAA!!!!! (more jellyfish come.)

SpongeBob: Hey, Sparky, can you tell your friends I can't play right now?(jellyfish surround SpongeBob while he struggles in the rocks, tickling him) No Please!(laughs) Stop it! Please Stop it! (laughs once more, and slips out of the rocks and back tyo his house, SpongeBob lands back in bed.)

SpongeBob: OH!!! I'M GOING TO BE LATE!! (SpongeBob runs out the door. Jellyfish pick him up.)

SpongeBob: I told you I don't have time to play right now! (SpongeBob gets blown back.)

SpongeBob: I HAVE NOT BEEN TARDY ONE TIME IN MY CAREER AS A FRY COOK. AND I'M NOT GOING TO START TODAY! (SpongeBob gets slung out of his home and back.)

Jellyfish: HAHAHA

(Door closes on SpongeBob's hands. SpongeBob screams, fingers are huge.)

SpongeBob: I gotta call for some help. (tries but fingers are too big) My fingers are too big for the buttons. (dials with his nose) (SpongeBob calls The Krusty Krab)

Mr. Krabs: Hello, this be the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs! I need you!

Mr. Krabs: SpongeBob! Where you been, customers are blowin' in here like nobody's business! (shows Peterson flying through the door [literally] and lands on his face, then gets in line)

SpongeBob: I am sorry Mr. Krabs, but these jellyfish don't want me to go to work!

Mr. Krabs: Jellyfish?

SpongeBob: They're attracted to my whistely holes.

Mr. Krabs: Uh, I'll never understand what you just said, but if it's transportation you need, I know just the thing. (Mr. Krabs grabs a fishing rod, pulls SpongeBob by one of his craters, who is bouncing on the ground) Ooh, this one's puttin' up a fight. (SpongeBob is dragging on the ground) Fightin' too hard! (shows SpongeBob getting tossed in the air) Gotta reel him in, Krabs. Cut a little slack (SpongeBob blows back a little) then yank! (SpongeBob is being pulled hard) Cut some slack, then yank! (Pulls SpongeBob in, who's looking horrible)

Mr. Krabs: There he is. Ready for work. Crawl back to your point and start pushing out them patties.

SpongeBob: Aye aye sir. (teeth fall out, now in the Krusty Krab) Let's get these patties started right! (wind blows patties onto the walls) That gives me an idea. (let's all ingredients blow from his hands onto the patties on the walls, window opens and then sound comes through SpongeBob's holes again) Oh, no. They found me. (Jellyfish come in through the chimney, SpongeBob run's to Patrick's rock.)

(In Patrick's house)

Weatherman: The weather situation is much worse across the country.

TV Reporter: And it looks like these winds aren't going to stop any time soon. (TV reporter gets blown away.)

Patrick: Ha ha ha ha. Fishy go bye-bye. (eats kelp cream)

Fish #3: And that's the way it is in your world today.

(Patrick throws ice cream cone at TV.)

Patrick: BORING! I don't want to watch any of this boring stuff. I wanna watch something decent like-

SpongeBob: Patrick, I don't have any time. I gotta hide from these jellyfish.

Patrick: What jellyfish?

SpongeBob: Ever since the wind started, a sound blows through my holes that jellyfish seem to love. (rock open's and jellyfish come in)

Patrick: Hey fella. (Jellyfish stings Patrick) OWWW! SPONGEBOB, GET OUT OF HERE!!!!! (Jellyfish blow him away) I'M SORRY, SPONGEBOB. BUT YOU HAVE BECOME A NEGATIVE INFLUENCE!

SpongeBob: Hahahaha! At least the wind stopped. (Jellyfish stinging SpongeBob. SpongeBob hides in cave)

SpongeBob: I think I lost them. Well I guess I'll just stay here where it's safe...and quiet...and dark. Don't worry, I'll just stay here for a second. Behind these rocks. These sanitary, lifeless rocks.

Narrator: LATER

SpongeBob: Hey, buddy. Just thought I'd spruce you up a bit. Wuzzat. Oh, you don't say, well guess what? You're my best friend too. Mmm-hmmm. Come on, Let's have some fun. Look buddy, mmmmmmmmm. Dinner's ready. Let's have some tea. Do you want some sugar, buddy? One lump, or two? Oh, you can have it all. (puts sugar in tea) I feel comfortable around you. (sugar crumble in mouth) Can I confess something? Cause I know you’ll understand. I have this-problem. I seem to attract-JELLYFISH! HAHAHAHA! How do you work that out? Hmmmmm......

(SpongeBob stone stays still)

SpongeBob: Yeah, yeah. I'm in a loss, too. OH BARNACLES. I'M GONNA BE STUCK IN THIS CAVE FOREVER!! (sighs)

(SpongeBob stone whistle to music with his pores.)

SpongeBob: Of course, buddy. Brilliant idea!!!

(SpongeBob takes stone outside)

SpongeBob: Let's see what happens this time.

(Jellyfish come)

SpongeBob: Whoooaaa, here they come! Go Get em, buddy!!!

(Jellyfish hate music, and buzz over to SpongeBob)

SpongeBob: Hey guys. What do you think about my little friend's song?

(SpongeBob stone plays foul notes)

SpongeBob: Is there something wrong?

(Jellyfish sting SpongeBob. SpongeBob runs back to cave, whimpering.)

SpongeBob: Hmmmmm. I crafted one stone SpongeBob that provided a note in a foul key. But if I crafted another,(pulls down extremely complicated equation on a blackboard) the dimension of the hollow center multiplied by the number of holes, may offer another tune. One that could soothe those jellyfish. But which one is the right size?! Hmm. I'll just have to make a bunch of them.

(SpongeBob makes the eight musical stones)

SpongeBob: All right. That oughta do her.

(SpongeBob's stones sing the right notes)

SpongeBob: WOW. It actually worked.....Ah. They're finally leaving me alone. I can go back to work now! (laughs) Krusty Krab, here I come!!! (He Sings) I'm Ready for Motion, I'm Ready for

(SpongeBob stops running)

SpongeBob: How long long long time ago was I gone?!

(SpongeBob finds Krusty Krab buried in sand)

SpongeBob: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goodbye Mr. Krabs! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He Cries Hardest)

Narrator: 3,000 YEARS LATER

The Three aliens float down to the SpongeBob Stones

Narrator: And Now Let's Go See With The Aliens Are Up to Now, Let's Check It Out!

Alien: To this day, no one knows why these mysterious statues were created or by whom. (An alien opens its mouth, revealing a camera, which took a picture of the statues) All we know is that the genius of their design has caused the annual migration of jellyfish to their wondrous tune.(jellyfish come and go in and out of SpongeBob stones holes) (Off in distance, and the End Logo inside of SpongeBob laughs)

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