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Episode Article: Sailor Mouth



Mr. Krabs: Well, it's the worst time of the day once again (cringes as he changes the sign to "Closed") Closing time!

SpongeBob: Well, see you in the AM, Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: Hold on there, SpongeBob! (pulls SpongeBob back) Take that pile of filth out with you.(Squidward holds up a trash bag)

SpongeBob: (gasps) Mr. Krabs, you shouldn't talk about Squidward like that!

Squidward: He means this filth, you loon.

SpongeBob: Takin' out the trash, takin' out the trash. Hmm...dumpster writing! The voice of the people! "Up with bubbles, down with air!" (laughs) "Nematodes are people too!" (laughs) Nematodes... Here's one someone didn't finish! Squidward smells. (writes the word "good" after "smells") Good. (laughs) Hmm, what's this one? Krabs is a... hmm? Krabs is a (Dolphin chirp then turns into a rabbit then back into himself).

Garbage Man: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!

SpongeBob: Well, sometimes,but not recently.

Patrick: Hi, garbage man. Hi, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: Hi, Patrick! Patrick, do you know what this word means?

Patrick: Krabs... Uh, isn't that the red sweaty guy you work for?

SpongeBob: No, not that word, THAT word.

Patrick: (Scratches neck) (Dolphin chirp). Uh, hey! I think I know what that means. That's one of those sentence enhancers.

SpongeBob: Sentence enhancers?

Patrick: You use them when you want to talk fancy. You just sprinkle it on anything you say, and Wham-O! You've got yourself a spicy sentence sandwich!

SpongeBob: Oh, I get it! Here, let me try.(coughs)(fancy tone) Hello, Patrick. Lovely (Dolphin chirp) day it is, isn't it?

Patrick: Why yes it is, SpongeBob. This (Dolphin chirp) day is particularly (Dolphin chirp) lovely!

SpongeBob: How (Dolphin chirp) right you are, Patrick! (Dolphin chirp x3)

SpongeBob: You're right, Patrick, my lips are tingling from the spiciness of this conversation.

Patrick: Oh, me too! (both laugh)

SpongeBob: It tickles when I laugh!

(SpongeBob walks into the Krusty Krab next day)

SpongeBob: Hello,customers, nice (Dolphin chirp) day we're having!

Fish: Did he just say?

Pirate Fish: Aye, he did.

SpongeBob: Hi, Patrick, how the (Dolphin chirp) are you?

Patrick: (walks into the Krusty Krab) Pretty (Turns into a frog then Dolphin chirp) good, SpongeBob.

Old Man Jenkins: I thought this was a restaurant, not a gutter mouth convention.

SpongeBob: (taps on the microphone) Attention, customers, today's special is a (Turns into a rabbit again Dolphin chirp) Krabby Patty served with in a greasy sauce and grilled to (Turns into a pig Dolphin chirp) perfection. And don't forget to ask us to (turns into a buffalo then Dolphin chirp) the (Turns into an orangutan then Dolphin chirp) fries. It'll be our (Turns into an ostrich then Dolphin chirp) pleasure. Hi Squidward, how the (Turns into a hamster then Dolphin chirp) are ya?

Patrick: Nice (Dolphin chirp) day we're having, isn't it Squidward?

Tom: I don't understand. The guy's talented, but he doesn't have to work blue.

Evelyn: Let's go somewhere more family oriented.

(Everyone leaves the Krusty Krab with disappointing shouts, a fish says in the background: "I'm eating at the Chum Bucket!") (Sirens wail)

Mr. Krabs: Ah!! The Krusty Krab! She's empty! All hands on deck! Batten the front doors! Brace the cash register! Break out the happy snacks! Squidward, where have all my money paying customers gone?

Squidward: Apparently the two barnacle-mouth brothers just learned a new word, and SpongeBob just said it over the intercom.

Mr. Krabs: Well, what was it? What'd he say?

Squidward:(whispers. He's saying "bad word 11 then animalizing himself")

Mr. Krabs: Huh?

Squidward:(whispers. same as last whisper.)

Mr. Krabs: Gasp!!! SpongeBob and Patrick !!!!! Front and center! Why am I making the two of you paint the Krusty Krab for using such language?

SpongeBob: But Mr. Krabs, we were only using our sentence enhancers.

Patrick: Yeah, it's fancy talk.

Mr. Krabs: There ain't nothing fancy about that word!

SpongeBob: You mean (Dolphin chirp) and our animalizing?

Mr. Krabs: Yes, that one. Now quit saying it! It's a bad word.

SpongeBob and Patrick: Bad word?! (Tongue Play; Scraping Their Tongue with their hands)

Mr. Krabs: Yes sirree, that's bad word number 11. In fact, there are 13 bad words you should never use.

Squidward: Don't you mean there are only 7?

Mr. Krabs: Not if you're a sailor! (laughs)

SpongeBob: Wow, 13!

Patrick: That's a lot of (Dolphin chirp) bad words!

Mr. Krabs: OK, boys. I want you to promise me you'll never use that word again.

SpongeBob and Patrick: We promise.

(back at SpongeBob's house, playing Eels and Escalators)

SpongeBob: Gee, I'm glad Mr. Krabs told us that word we were using was a bad word!

Patrick: Yeah, me too, because classy sophisticates like us shouldn't stain our lips with cursing.

SpongeBob: Yea ,verily! Now, let's play a nice, wholesome game of Eels and Escalators.

Patrick: Oh, Boy, my favorite!

SpongeBob: Come on, Gary needs a new pair of shoes! (rolls the dice)

Patrick: Oh, eels. Too bad, SpongeBob, you gotta rent an eel.

SpongeBob: Darn. (moves game piece to eel)

Patrick: My turn! (rolls dice) Hooray! escalators! (Whoops) Up,up,up!

SpongeBob: Come on, escalators, escalators! (rolls dice) Uh, eels again.

Patrick: My turn! (rolls dice)Escalators!

SpongeBob: Escalators, escalators, escalators!(throws dice) Eels?

Patrick:(rolls dice) Es-skee-lators!! (moves to escalators) Well, this is your last chance, SpongeBob, (Shows an eel head saying "You Lose!") or if you get eels again, you lose!

SpongeBob: (gets frustrated while rolling the dice) Escalators, escalators, escalators!!! (dice is thrown and lands on escalators) Ha! Escalators! (dice turns to eels)

Patrick: Eels!

SpongeBob: Ah, (Dolphin chirp)!(closes mouth)

Patrick: Oh! you said number 11!

SpongeBob: Ah! It just slipped out, you know. You understand, right, Patrick! You gotta understand!

Patrick: Don't worry, SpongeBob, I understand. Mr. Krabs! Mr. Krabs! (starts running to the Krusty Krab)

SpongeBob: No! Wait, Patrick! Patrick, no, please don't tell!

Patrick: But you said (Turns into a tiger then roars)!

SpongeBob: Aha! Now I'm Gonna tell Mr. Krabs on you!

Patrick: Not if I tell first (transfroms SpongeBob into a cow)!

SpongeBob: I can run faster than you!(laughs)

Patrick: (riding in an ice cream truck, transforming SpongeBob into a walrus) See ya at the Krusty Krab! Ha, ha, ha! (The truck goes the wrong way, Then transforms SpongeBob into a penguin)Oh no!!

SpongeBob: Ha! Mr. Krabs, Mr. Krabs, Mr. Krabs!

Mr. Krabs: What, what, what?

SpongeBob: Patrick, Patrick, Patrick!!

Mr. Krabs: Yes, yes, yes?!!

SpongeBob: He said, he said, he said!

Mr. Krabs: Out with it, boy!

SpongeBob: (Fast) Me and Patrick were playing Eels and Escalators,and Patrick was going up,up,up,and I rode the eel and then we ran and Patrick, he said some things!

Mr.Krabs: What kind of things?

SpongeBob: Well, he said.

Mr. Krabs: Yes?

SpongeBob: Well, let's just say he said a certain word that you said we shouldn't say, and this particular word happens to be number 11 in A list of 13 words you said shouldn't be said.

Mr. Krabs: Uh... right, uh, What was the part about the...? Who now?

Patrick:(eats an ice cream): Mr. Krabs, Mr. Krabs, Mr. Krabs!! (Mr. Krabs sighs)

(both protest and running around on turing into a camel, vulture, snake and whale about the word, but Mr. Krabs grabs their lips)

Mr. Krabs: Now I'm gonna let go of your lips, and when I do, I want you boys to calmly tell me what you need to tell me,understand?

Both: Mmm-hmm(Mr. Krabs lets go of their lips) HE SAID (Dolphin chirp)!!

Mr. Krabs: (GASP!) Do my ears deceive me? You two should be ashamed! Time to take out the trash. (Carries them by their pants to the front) You two need to be tarder lesson. I thought I made it clear. Never, and I mean, never use number 11 or any of the 13 bad words! Now the both of you just wait right here. I'll be back.

Patrick: (as a beaver) What's going to happen to us?

SpongeBob: (as a dinosaur) We'll probably get 40 lashes!

Patrick: (as a bear) Oh, No! (Imagines himself with 40 eyelashes)

SpongeBob: (as a chicken) I'm sorry, Patrick. Mr. Krabs was right. There's no use for words like that.

Patrick: (as a goat) I'm sorry too, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: (as a hippopotamus) From now on, we shall not let a foul word stain our lips! We will be good citizens,just like good ol' Mr.Krabs.

Patrick:(shakes hands with SpongeBob) Agreed!

Mr. Krabs: All right, you two foul mouths. As punishment for poisoning the air in my restaurant with your foul words, you're going to give the Krusty Krab a fresh coat of paint from top to... (Trips on rock) Bottom. Ow, ooh! Ow! My (Dolphin chirp)!!!!!!!!! Foot! What kind of.. (Dolphin chirp)!!!!! genius put a (Dolphin chirp) rock In A (Dolphin chirp) Path? Can't You See (Octopus) I've Got A (Horn Honks) Foot Here?(Eagle) Oh (Seal)! Side Of (Dolphin chirp) And(Panther) A Heaping (Elephant) Helping Of (Foghorn) Da (Monkey) Bololo (Crab)! Awww, (Seal) (Various Noises) it grabbin' (Horn)!!!!!!!!!

Patrick: (as a turtle) 9?

SpongeBob: (as a snail) 5,6,7... That's all 13, Patrick! (cut to SpongeBob with 13 fingers) We're gonna tell your mom, Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: No, not my mommy! Wait! Please don't tell my mother! I don't think a little old heart can't take it!

SpongeBob and Patrick: Mama Krabs, Mama Krabs!

Ms. Krabs: Well, Hello There. (Mouth becomes an O)

(SpongeBob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs tranform randomly into animals and protest)

SpongeBob: I have never heard in my days!

Mama Krabs: Oh, dear! My poor old heart.

Mr. Krabs:(gasps) Oh, dear mother! What have these foul-mouthed heathens done to you? (takes a coin out of her pocket) You two should be ashamed! Making an old lady faint with your sailor talk!

Mama Krabs: You should all be ashamed! And if you're gonna talk like sailors, then you're gonna work like sailors!

(the three are painting her house, Patrick is painting the sand)

Mama Krabs: I guess you three scalawags have earned yourselves a glass of lemonade! (laughs, trips on a rock) Yeow! My (AWOOGA)!!!!!!!! foot!

Mr. Krabs: Mother!

Mama Krabs: What? It's Old Man Jenkins in his jalopy.

Old Man Jenkins: Howdy, Mrs. K!

SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs and Mama Krabs: (laughing)

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