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Episode Article: Frankendoodle

[edit] Characters

[edit] Dialogue

(Scene opens as live-action shot of the man on a simple boat at sea with an easel and pencil)

French Narrator: Well, well, what is this? Ah, the artist at sea. Let us watch and see the fruits of his struggle. Ah, it seems that inspiration has struck.

Artist: Hmm...ah! (draws some strokes. he hums something. however, he drops his pencil into the sea) My pencil! What?

French Narrator: The artist has learned the first lesson of the sea: Always bring a spare pencil.

Artist: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (cut to the pencil dropping into the water, then cuts to SpongeBob and Patrick playing "Rock-Paper-Scissors" with bubbles)

SpongeBob: Okay. Ready, Patrick?

SpongeBob: One...

Patrick: Two...

SpongeBob and Patrick: Three! (blows the bubbles. SpongeBob's scissor shaped bubble cuts Patrick's paper shaped bubble in half)

SpongeBob: Scissors beats paper, Patrick! (laughs)

SpongeBob: One...

SpongeBob and Patrick: two...

SpongeBob: three! (They blow a tie in paper) Patrick, how come you always do paper? (suddenly, the pencil drops and bursts their balloons and pierces the ground. the two scream)

Patrick: What is that thing SpongeBob?

SpongeBob: It looks like a giant pencil.

Patrick: Go touch it.

SpongeBob: It is a giant pencil, Patrick! Let's draw some giant pictures with it.

Patrick: Whatcha drawin'?

SpongeBob: Stand back, Patrick! I can't draw with you breathing down my neck!

Patrick: Psh, artists.

SpongeBob: It's a jellyfish.

Patrick: Pretty good, SpongeBob! But it's lacking basic construction, and your perspective leaves a lot to be desired.

SpongeBob: Eh, everybody's a critic.

Patrick: SpongeBob, I think your drawing's coming to life!

SpongeBob: Now that's more like it, Mr. Critic!

Patrick: No, I mean look at it, it's swimming away!

SpongeBob: Do you know what this means, Patrick?

Patrick: Uh...your art can never hang in a museum?

SpongeBob: It means we found a magic pencil!

Patrick: Now all I need is a magic mustache and all my dreams will have come true.

SpongeBob: (laughs) Coming right up! (draws mustache on Patrick)

Patrick: Life is good! (the mustache floats away when coming to life) Easy come, easy go!

Squidward: Squidward, if you had some hair, you'd be the most gorgeous creature in the sea! You've got looks...talent...all you need is a full head of...(the moustache goes on his head and Squidward smiles) hair!

Patrick: My turn!

SpongeBob: Be careful, Patrick! Being an artist is a heavy responsibility. Each work of art is like a child and must be treated as such.

Patrick: Come on! I was just going to draw a cartoon.

SpongeBob: Okay! Why didn't you say so? (Patrick draws a jellyfish with a frown and waving fist) Hey, look! Another jellyfish!

Patrick: It's Squidward, silly! (The Squidward drawing comes to life and mumbles in anger)

SpongeBob: He looks kind of creepy looking when he moves.

Patrick: yeah you're right, SpongeBob.

SpongeBob: We can't let him go into town! (Patrick erases it as the Squidward drawing screams)

Patrick: Poor Squidward.

SpongeBob: Okay! My brain just hatched an idea. (They run to Squidward's house where they draw a dollar on Squidward's green mat, attached to a string) (laughing) This is gonna be classic!

Squidward: (dressed up with the mustach still on his head) I think I fancy a stroll around the park.

SpongeBob: (doorbell rings) Oh, Squidward!

Squidward: What do you want?! Hello, what's this? Someone left me money for a perm. Come to Hairy! (SpongeBob pulls the string and the dollar flies away with the string and pulls Squidward onto the ground as Patrick and SpongeBob laugh) Ow! SpongeBob! (The mustache has fallen of Squidward's head) Oh, my hair! (The mustach floats away in the air) SPONGEBOB!!!!

SpongeBob: Wait! I've got another idea! This'll be the ultimate prank. I'll draw me, and when Squidward answers the door...it won't be me! (Draws a picture resembling himself which comes to life) Aww, look at him. Ain't he a doll!? All he needs is a tie. (draws a tie on the drawing of himself) Ready for action! (Laughing as Doodlebob goes to Squidward's door.)

Patrick: He's going to the door.

SpongeBob: He's knocking on the door.(Squidward walks out scowling as he sees Doodlebob)

SpongeBob: Squidward's answering the door and... (Doodlebob grabs Squidward and attacks him as SpongeBob watches in dismay)

Squidward: Oh ow ow ow ow ow ow ohh oww ow ow ow ow ow ow ow owww!!!

Patrick: He's beating up Squidward! (laughs)

SpongeBob: DoodleBoy, stop! (he throws Squidward back in his house. DoodleBob then steals the magic pencil and runs off)

Patrick: He's got the pencil.

SpongeBob: What have I done? We've got to find him! (Later they are searching through bushs) Where could he possibly be?

Patrick: Maybe he's in that poorly drawn pineapple. (Points to a pineapple drawing resembling SpongeBob's pineapple)

SpongeBob: Come on, let's go! (Patrick hides in a bush)

Patrick: (fearfully) I'm not going in there. (SpongeBob also hides)

SpongeBob: Come on, Patrick. I'm right behind you. Baby steps. (They walk towards the pineapple hiding in the bush) Almost there... (DoodleBob draws a hole in their path which comes to life. They fall into it.)

Both: AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! (They crash)

Patrick: What just happened?

DoodleBob: (gibberishly) You want that pencil? Then you better get up here!

SpongeBob: Come on, Patrick. Give me a boost up!

Patrick: Can't we just stay down here where it's safe?

SpongeBob: No way. Listen, I created this ugly little monster and listen, I got to stop him. (a wrench falls and hits Patrick in his head) See what I mean, Patrick?

Patrick: (dopily smiles in pain) Where's the leak, ma'am? (They climb to the surface of the ground to see DoodleBob draw a bowling ball and roll it. It hits Patrick right in his cheek and turns into some pink bowling pins in reaction and a "strike" sign appears. Another then appears when Patrick falls to the ground and the bowling ball falls into the hole and unseenly smashes Patrick.)

SpongeBob: You okay down there, Patrick?

Patrick: (painly) FINLAND!!!!!

DoodleBob: (gibberishly) You'll never get me now! (Runs off in the distance. Later Pat and Sponge hide behind rocks when gibberish yelling is heard. They hide and watch the DoodleBob play with the pencil)

SpongeBob: There he is.

Patrick: He's hideous. He makes me sick, just looking at him. Those big bulgy eyes, that square body, those two buck teeth, and that stupid tie!

SpongeBob: Eh hem.

Patrick: Oh...but it looks good on you, SpongeBob! Heh heh.

DoodleBob: (gibberishly) Maybe I'll just sit down for a little while.

SpongeBob: He's putting down the pencil! This is our chance. On the count of three, we'll jump out and surprise him!

Patrick: Oh boy, a surprise Party!!!! Is it his birthday?"

DoodleBob: (bashes through the rock they're hiding behind and talks gibberishly) Did you say it's my birthday?! (picks SpongeBob up and attacks him)

SpongeBob: Patrick! Patrick! Do something! (DoodleBob throws SpongeBob into something hard)AAAAAHHH!!!!

Patrick: Happy birthday! (hands DoodleBob a rock with two pieces of seaweed and coral on it) Here's your present. (DoodleBob smashes it on his head as Patrick dopily smiles in pain) You're welcome.

DoodleBob (Sees SpongeBob aiming the pencil's eraser at him and reacts gibberish) Uh oh...

SpongeBob: Hold it right there, DoodleBob. I brought you into this world and now I'm gonna take you out. Any last words?

DoodleBob: (defeatingly gibberishly talks) OK, I'll be outta here!

SpongeBob: I'm sorry, what was that?

DoodleBob: (frowns and speaks gibberish again) I said "OK I'll be outta..." (SpongeBob erases his face and DoodleBob runs off blind and smashes into a rock)

SpongeBob: Hold still, Doodle. This is for your own good. (begins to erase DoodleBob to oblivion) Take that and this and this and that and this that this that... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! I AM SPONGEBOB, DESTROYER OF EVIL!!!!!!

Patrick: Take it easy, it's just a drawing.

SpongeBob: Well, that takes care of that, eh, Patrick?

Patrick: Done and done

(DoodleBob's arm is still alive and inches like a caterpillar. Later at night SpongeBob is seen making several posh objects in his house with the pencil like a cookoo clock, a posh bed with a canipe, and a grandfather clock)

SpongeBob: Gee, Gary, you should have been there! It sure was exciting, but you know, I kind of miss the little doodle. He was like a son to me. But I'm sure glad things are back to normal. Well, goodnight, sweet prince.

Gary: (with a crown on) Meow.

SpongeBob: Goodnight, magic pencil. (Falls asleep)

(DoodleBob's arm comes in the pineapple, uses the restroom, breaks into the room and grabs the pencil and begins to redraw himself. SpongeBob hears the commotion and wakes up)

SpongeBob: Oh hey, Magic Pencil. What are you doing up? Drawing yourself a glass of water? Hahahahahahahahaha! (DoodleBob reveals himself with the pencil redrawn) Aah, DoodleBob! Uh...(chuckles nervously) No hard feelings, right? (DoodleBob draws an angry look in his face) What do you think you're doing, doodle?

DoodleBob: You doodle! Me SpongeBob! (they chase downstairs and DoodleBob follows him and erases any obstacle in his path from SpongeBob. SpongeBob hides in his kitchen and locks the door. DoodleBob erases the door...and the back of SpongeBob's pants, revealing his butt.) Huh? (Erases his butt before threatening him with the eraser)

SpongeBob: Ah! Be careful with that thing! Who knows what will happen? (DoodleBob erases his nose) My nose. (DoodleBob erases some parts of his face and body and chuckles evilly) Very funny, doodle. Now it's my turn. (they play tug of war with the pencil and the pencil breaks in half. SpongeBob has the lead and draws the rest of his face.) Well, doodle, it looks like this is a draw. (Points the point of his pencil at DoodleBob. DoodleBob sharpens the pencil so that he now has both sides.) You've made your point, no matter, I was voted most artistic in high school. (it falls out the window when he plays with it and hits Squidward.)

Squidward: (from outside) Ow! SpongeBob, you're gonna pay for that!!!!

SpongeBob: Or maybe it was most clumsy. (DoodleBob starts renewing his threat with the eraser as SpongeBob hides on a shelf, and knocks over some papers. As DoodleBob prepares to deliver the eraser to the trapped SpongeBob he then gets his foot stuck in a piece of paper on the floor which magically attaches to his foot. DoodleBob struggles desperately to get unstuck)

DoodleBob: (gibberishly) Huh?! I'm stuck. Somebody help me!!! I am stuck!!!

SpongeBob: Huh? Paper! Page for Mr. Doodle! (DoodleBob glares at him one last time before SpongeBob smashes him with a notebook. Screaming is heard as DoodleBob magically attaches to the paper and SpongeBob looks inside to see DoodleBob shrunk inside the notebook and as he is preserved as a drawing. he smiles)

(the next day spongebob hangs the drawing of DoodleBob on his wall as a sign of his triumph)

Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob, what's with all the ruckus?

SpongeBob: Take a look for yourself, Patrick.

Patrick: (gasps) It's the evil doodle!

SpongeBob: No, no, not evil. (Acts like a professor) He was just a two-dimensional creature lost in our three-dimensional aquatic world longing for a purpose.

Patrick: So...he's a drawing?

SpongeBob: Exactly! See how happy he is now?

Patrick: (Looks at the smiling DoodleBob) He still looks kind of creepy.

(Later SpongeBob is seen on a diving board with the casted pencil)

SpongeBob: Oh, great magic pencil, your powers are too mighty for us ocean dwellers. So I will send you back to the magic kingdom from where you came. Are you ready, Patrick?

Patrick: Ready! (SpongeBob drops the pencil in Patrick's mouth and jumps on Patrick's belly, and the pencil is launched back to the surface)

(Cut to the surface where we see the artist lying in a fetal position in his boat.)

French Narrator: We rejoin the artist in a creative slump. (The pencil launches back into the boat)

Artist: Huh? What's this? My pencil! (he draws a line, but the pencil breaks and the artist begins sobbing)

French Narrator: The second most important rule for the artist at sea: Always bring a pencil sharpener.

Artist: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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