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Episode Article: Ditchin'




On the TV show

  • The title card, after MermaidMan and Barnicle Boy appeared and Man Ray on the bubble.

Dale's Arrest

Police fish: Not Today,Yellow.You've been playing with a convicted felon, and we know he's violated his parole somehow. You might as well confess, Dale.

(A crowd begins to gather around the scene)

Dale: Hey, man! I haven't done nothing!

Police fish (Doubtfully): Oh, yeah? What have you got in there?

(Police pulls out candy from Dale's shirt)

Police fish (Reads): Quasi Gummy Chewy Candy Fish. Is this how you have fun? By eating your own kind?

(Dale laughs nervously)

Police fish: Scum like you make me sick. CUFF HIM!.

(Another police fish approaches Dale and clutches handcuffs around Dale's wrists, which are now behind his back. Dale is escorted away from the scene)

Gray fish: That's a shame what happened to Dale. We were classmates back in boating school. He used to be a good student, until he started cutting class. Ever since then, he's led the lonely life of a criminal.

SpongeBob: CRIMINAL? I gotta get back to class. I can't be a ditcher!

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