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{{EpInfo|Earworm|Earworm.jpg|146b|7|27 November 2010|The Abrasive Side|Hide and Then What Happens?}}
{{EpInfo|Earworm|Earworm.jpg|174b|8|10 April 2012|The Abrasive Side|Gramma's Secret Recepie}}
{{EpInfo2|SpongeBob SquarePants|Tom Kenny}}
{{EpInfo2|SpongeBob SquarePants|Tom Kenny}}
'''Earworm''' is an episode from [[Episodes/Season 7|season 7]].
'''Earworm''' is an episode from [[Episodes/Season 8|season 8]].

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Episode No.: 174b
Season: 8
Airdate: 10 April 2012
Previous Episode: The Abrasive Side
Next Episode: Gramma's Secret Recepie
Characters Voice actors
SpongeBob SquarePants Tom Kenny

Earworm is an episode from season 8.






  • Musical Doodle
  • Life on the Prairie (Sandy's song)
  • Sea Chant (Krabs's song)
  • Squidward's Successful Clarinet Song


SpongeBob is shown at the Krusty Krab during closing time (about 6:00: pm to 6:50 pm with Mr. Krabs and Squidward. He is in the kitchen and starts singing a song (later identified as "Musical Doodle"). Squidward gets annoyed because SpongeBob is singing that song. Mr. Krabs comes and says to mop the floor. Squidward tells SpongeBob again to stop singing that song. Squidward then puts on the radio, but is playing "Musical Doodle" - SpongeBob picks up the radio and starts dancing and singing to it. After it ends,SpongeBob sighs happily and says"Musical Doodle." Next, Mr. Krabs says it's closing time again and Squidward runs out saying "Freedom!". SpongeBob is sitting down on a table singing to the song. Mr Krabs yells "SPONGEBOB!" SpongeBob floats out of the Krusty Krab and lands outside a record shop. He hears "Musical Doodle" playing. He then buys the record and goes home, opens up Gary's shell (revealing a record player), and plays the song until bed-time (Gary is asleep by then). SpongeBob says "Come to bed when you feel like it". He goes to sleep but then starts whistling the song. He goes back downstairs to listen to the song again.

He is then shown at the Krusty Krab the next day, looking very tired. Mr. Krabs warns him to get to work. Mr Krabs hears SpongeBob singing the "Musical Doodle". He is warned to stop singing that song again, but finds it very hard to not sing the song. He hands out Krabby Patties while singing the song, annoying the customers. Mr. Krabs comes out of his office to see what's wrong. All the customers blame SpongeBob for annoying them. Mr. Krabs warns SpongeBob once again to stop singing that song, or he will send him home. In the kitchen, his eye sockets form into mouths and start singing the song - the same thing happens with his back. In the next scene, the kitchen is shown absolutely wrecked, with "doodle" written on the walls and everything else is wrecked as well. Also, there is condiments and patty batter all over the wall. SpongeBob seems that he has gone crazy. He goes home while singing the song - Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Patrick and Squidward follow him and tie him to a chair. Sandy explains that he has an "Earworm" - An infection in which the person is stuck on a catchy song and is unable to stop singing, the more the person sings the song, the more infected and stronger the infection gets. Mr Krabs wanted to just pull the earworm out but Sandy says that they can't do that or else it will damage his brain and it can only be cured if another song gets stuck in their head. Mr. Krabs sings a sea-shanty and Sandy sings a Western song, but none succeed. Sandy says "someone with musical talent" can cure him (is this case, Squidward). Squidward starts playing his clarinet. The earworm gets annoyed and leaves. Squidward is then shown in bed, praising himself. The earworm comes and goes into Squidward, and now Squidward has the earworm (with his song, not SpongeBob's.)
SpongeBob and his radio


  • This episode aired in the UK on November 17, 2010.
  • This episode and "The Abrasive Side" both end with a character screaming.
  • This is the second appearance of Gary's record player. The first was in Your Shoe's Untied.
  • For some reason, in Bikini Bottom, they still sell and make records.
  • The title card background from Bubblestand is reused.


Transcript for Earworm

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