Bikini Bottom Bakery Cashier

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SpongeBob with the cashier

The Bikini Bottom Bakery Cashier just appears in the episode Overbooked. She works at the Bikini Bottom Bakery. She sells a cake to SpongeBob, who he needs a birthday cake for Patrick, because he doesn't have a present, but there isn't a birthday cake so he has to get another one.

[edit] Looks

The bakery cashier is an old fish. She wears a white apron and a white hat. She also has ginger hair and wears violet pants with a pink blouse.

[edit] Quotes

SpongeBob: Hi! I need a birthday cake!
Cashier: This is what I got...
(Hands him a yellow cake with lavendar and baby blue icing that says, "Sorry About the Scabies".)
SpongeBob: (Reading) "Sorry about the Scabies". Um, can you change it to say, "Happy Birthday"?
Cashier: You want it or not? I haven't got all night!
SpongeBob: Yeah, here you are. (He pays her and runs out with it just as the store closes, and runs by the treedome on his way back, stopping in his tracks.)

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