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The Barnacle Chips sign

Barnacle Chips are nearly like normal chips in Bikini Bottom. You can see a large sign in of the Barnacle Chips in the episode Chocolate With Nuts. SpongeBob says that these chips are good in selling, but they don't taste very well.


SpongeBob: "I can’t understand what we’re doing wrong."

Patrick: "I can’t understand anything."

SpongeBob: "There must be something to this selling game that we’re just not getting. Other people do it, I mean look at that!" (points to a giant billboard)

Patrick: (reads the sign) "'Eat Barnacle Chips: They’re Delicious'"

SpongeBob: "They are most certainly not delicious."

Patrick: "Not the way I use them!"

SpongeBob: "Yet they sell millions of bags a day."


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