Art Contest: No Cheating Allowed!

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==Art Contest: No Cheating Allowed!== is a book by the Nickelodeon company.

[edit] Plotline

Squidward learns that the Bikini Bottom Art Society is hosting an art contest and whoever wins gets a title as a legendary artist, a fortune and a membership card to the fancy club. Squidward decides to go to the club for a sheet into the contest but finds that his high-school rival Squilliam Fancyson is not only the president of the club, but is also one of the judges of the contest. Squidward tries to paint many paintings at home but they all are terrible.

When Squidward finds that SpongeBob's paintings are terrific he has SpongeBob make him one for what he claims is a purpose to decorate his home. After spending one night exhausting SpongeBob, Squidward picks a terrific remake of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa from SpongeBob's painting options. Squidward then goes home, paints over SpongeBob's name and puts his own name on it. At the club base, Squidward passes off the painting as his own and wins, but SpongeBob arrives to attend the contest and sees his painting on the wall; thus blowing Squidward's cover. Squilliam rubs off Squidward's initials finding SpongeBob's name on the painting, thus disqualifying Squidward. Squidward apologizes to SpongeBob, and after making up, the artists and him are shocked when they see Squilliam making a deal with an artist for a new painting; Squilliam also has cheated.

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