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"Hey Honey!"

Al is a police officer and is married to Miss Priss. He is a purple fish and has blondish hair with a small mustache and he wears sunglasses as well. He also wears his police uniform. He drives a boat with a red siren. He appears in Banned in Bikini Bottom and A SquarePants Family Vacation . When the Secret Krusty Krab was made, Miss Priss was against it but he liked Krabby Patties and this angered Miss Priss. Al Priss always seems to be in good spirits and his appetite seems to have an especially telling With his wife wait for your dinner and Krusty Krab on this comiendoce a Krabby Patty, Miss Priss asks you are doing and the answer: the almuers. He was always seen in his uniform of the Police blue, his skin is purple and has dark glasses. Curiously chose not know how to Miss Priss to get married, besides being ugly she has a negative character in the episode at the end everybody was laughing and hugging Miss Priss and she pushed saying: do not say you love passes Al. Miss. Priss too like the sisters. Appears to have no role in the series important.

[edit] Police work

  • Arrest and SpongeBob and Mr.Krabs
  • Block Krusty Krab
  • Working in the police force of Bikini Bottom
  • Arresting all the Krabby Patty's
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