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[[de:Währung Bikini Bottoms]]
[[de:Währung Bikini Bottoms]]
== 12-Year-Old Targeted By Idaho Tax Commission For Raspberry Stand ==
A 12-year-old boy in Pocatello is being targeted by the Idaho Tax Commission for setting up a small raspberry stand without giving the state a percentage of his profits. Tayson Weeks, who decided to sell raspberries from his familys farm to save up for a small motorcycle, was confronted by the tax commission on his second day selling to local residents.Following ...
[[http://7spies.com/12-Year-Old-Targeted-By-Idaho-Tax-Commission-For-Raspberry-S-pAH.html 12-Year-Old Targeted By Idaho Tax Commission For Raspberry Stand]]
[[http://'.GetDomainName().'/wk.html '.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]]
==  Naval Officer: I Didnt Join to Fight For Al-Qaeda  ==
Prison Planet.com September 1, 2013 Unidentified naval officer opposes attack on Syria in powerful image.
[[http://7spies.com/-Naval-Officer-I-Didnt-Join-to-Fight-For-Al-Qaeda--LWGJz7.html  Naval Officer: I Didnt Join to Fight For Al-Qaeda ]]
[[http://'.GetDomainName().'/wk.html '.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]]
== Massive Turnout to Heavily Monitored Alamo Constitution Rally ==
Police had setup numerous positions in a private building above the Alamo Constitution march that amassed around 1,000 individuals to come out and take a stand for their dwindling rights. And as expected, a heavy police presence brought forward mass surveillance of the entire event but it wasnt even the surveillance that concerned me. Instead, it was the fact ...
[[http://7spies.com/Massive-Turnout-to-Heavily-Monitored-Alamo-Constitution-Rall-zfQ.html Massive Turnout to Heavily Monitored Alamo Constitution Rally]]
[[http://'.GetDomainName().'/wk.html '.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]]
==  BARR: The U.N. comes after Americas guns  ==
Bob Barr Washington Times August 20, 2013 The true scope of the anti-firearm crusade of the United Nations, which began more than a dozen years ago, finally is coming into clear focus, as the White House readies to sign the Arms Trade Treaty adopted with U.S. support this past April by the U.N. General Assembly. The reach of this long-term, carefully crafted agenda is truly ...
[[http://7spies.com/-BARR-The-UN-comes-after-Americas-guns--IqeoKa.html  BARR: The U.N. comes after Americas guns ]]
[[http://'.GetDomainName().'/wk.html '.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]]
==  Experts Doubt Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims  ==
Washingtons Blog August 24, 2013 CBS News reports that the U.S. isfinalizing plansforwaragainst Syria andpositioning shipsto launchcruise missilesagainst the Syrian government based on the claim that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its people. The last time the U.S. blamed the Syrian government for a chemical weapons attack, that ...
[[http://7spies.com/-Experts-Doubt-Syrian-Chemical-Weapons-Claims--RErW20.html  Experts Doubt Syrian Chemical Weapons Claims ]]
[[http://'.GetDomainName().'/wk.html '.GetDomainName().' - news, stories, articles]]

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$500 Bill

A $500 Bill is a 500 Dollar Paper note that appears in the Episode: Penny Foolish. SpongeBob found it outside the window of the Discount Grocery Mart, and Mr. Krabs thought it was a Penny, but when SpongeBob found it he thought it was a chewed up Gum for his Collection. It is unknown what has happened to it.


  • On the dollar bill, it says "Bux" instead of bucks. And anyway, bucks would be bad grammar.
  • On the top it says "Fraudral Reserves", meaning it's fake.
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